ABC Primer

Ikwerre can be comfortably written with the following 28 letters.

 a  b  ch  d  e  ẹ  f  g  gh  gw

 h  i  ị  j  k   kw  l  m  n n̄ nw

 ny  n̄  o  ọ  p  r  s  t  u  ụ  v  w  wh  y  z.

In addition to the above letters, Ikwerre has the following long vowels:   ee, ẹe, oo, ọo 

The vowels are as follows:  i e o u   ị ẹ ọ ụ a

open vowels: i e o u 

close/narrow vowels: ị ẹ ọ ụ  

neutral: a

Syllabic nasals: mm, nn.

The language has 9 vowels working in harmony in what linguists call 'Vowel Harmony.'


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