The Story of two brothers

There were two brothers in a ceretain village. There were very rich and very influncial. They were renown warriors. The king and his cabinet relied on them for any decision. Nothing is acheiveable without these brothers. The people became very worried and jealous of this men. It is like if one of the brothers was touch, the offender definetly incurs the wrath of the other. The sought ways to destroy the love between the brothers and cause them to become enemies to the point of killing one another.

One evening, of the men of the village acting on the advice of others went and told lies about to the younger to the elder. He said, "Are you aware that your younger brother has determined to killing. What have you done to him that had made him so angry. He had loaded his gun and is lying in wait for you on the road to the latrin. In the morning to latrin please go with your gun and you will confirm my words." He asked again, "What is the misunderstanding that you both can't result peacefuly. The brother replied, "We are quarrelling." The trouble maker said, "Beware and be warned.

The next morning, the brother went to toilet with his gun, he was his brother coming with his gun. He said, "So, what I heard about my brother is true." He shut his brother and he died. After this event, the people of the land came to take over the family land, the living brother refused. They told him, 'Your borther is dead, no one willhelp you again.' The brother then knew it was a consipracy. He wept bitterly, but it was too late. The lesson here is, when you hear any thing about any one, please, ask question be taking action. If you did not, you have yourself to blame and the damage may not be recoverable.